Wednesday, January 23, 2013

January Meeting Recap

So, I meant to get this up so much earlier in the week. But, I have fallen prey to the cough that will not die. Seriously. I'm on day #11. But, I feel like I've finally turned the corner. Maybe. At least I'm feeling enough better to get a couple of blog posts written.

Can I just start by saying that you all are wonderful? Quilt guild is the highlight of my month. I love seeing you all. I also love knowing that I am not the only fabric-loving, quilting when I should be cleaning, crazy woman out there!

Alright, on to the important stuff from our meeting.

1. 2013 dues are due. $15 buys you a years membership into our guild. This is the money we use for publicity, charity quilts, paper products, giveaways, etc.

2. Everyone seemed so excited about our combined meeting and sewing night that we discussed keeping it. Pretty much everyone was in favor. So, from now on we will be meeting once a month on the second Saturday of the month. We'll officially meet at 6, get the business out of the way and then sew until they kick us out. If nothing else is going on in the classroom, we might have 4-6 available to sew as well. The meeting will always take place at 6, though so whoever is working at The Quilt Barn can attend. That means our next meeting is Saturday, February 9th. Be there!

3. We brainstormed a long list of ways to attract new members. I think we're going to start with the cheap methods of fliers and handouts. We'll post them at local fabric stores and around the community. Plus we'll have some business cards with meeting info for our members to hand out whenever they're telling someone about us. I'm also going to see about creating a public facebook page.

5. A couple of people have asked me knitting questions lately, so I'm holding a little knitting afternoon at my house. Saturday, February 2nd at 1 pm. 1240 Tara St in Twin Falls. Kids and any sort of handwork project are welcome. I might even make a cake.

6. I introduced our 2013 sampler quilt project as well as the first block- a Sawtooth Star. But, that's going to get a blog entry all it's own later tonight.

So, that's it. If you have any questions, email me at Otherwise, see you the 2nd or the 9th!

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