Wednesday, December 10, 2014

2014 Christmas Party

It's official. Our Christmas Party this year was the best ever. The only way it could have been better would have been to have every single member there. Great food, lots of laughter, wonderful gifts. It was a fantastic day.

Before I throw a whole bunch of pictures from that night at you, I have just a quick little bit of business. Our next meeting with be Saturday, January 10th. The (new) Quilt Barn overwhelmingly won the vote, so the meeting will be there. The meeting will start at 6 and be followed by a late night sew. It's up to Heather if she wants to open up earlier for that for a little pre-meeting sewing. $15 dues will be due at that meeting.

Alright- on to the photos!

Bad picture of a great bag! This pattern.

 Divided Basket. Pattern also available at the Quilt Barn.

Pat's snazzy new leg warmers.

There was a lot of excitement over this Weekender Bag- of course.

Pat's finished Scrap Jar Stars Quilt! I promised a prize for the first finished quilt and I delivered.

Emilee's wonderful vintage baby quilt.

Jenele's super cute owl ornaments which I can't get to turn the right way!

Tara's Modern Building Blocks Quilt Top.

And her Charming Stars Quilt Top.