Saturday, August 11, 2012

August Meeting Report

Date: August 9th, 2012

Members in Attendance: 7 (plus 2 adorable babies)

1. Show and Tell- Candy showed off two beautiful quilts, one of which I managed to get a picture of.

Remember the mystery quilt we worked on last year? This is her almost finished quilt. Didn't she do a fantastic job?

2. Birthdays-

3. Another year has come around, so dues are due. $15.00 for the year's membership which gets used for things like paper plates and cups for our snacks, batting for our charity quilts, shipping our quilts off to a charity, etc.

4. Speaking of charity quilts, I want to have everything wrapped up and done with by our October meeting. At that meeting, we'll have prize drawings for those who have participated and one last quilt tally. If you have any of the quilt kits, finished tops or finished quilts please bring them to that meeting. After that all finished quilts will be donated to a local charity- probably a foster kids organization. I'm looking for an organization that will except unfinished tops for any tops we don't manage to get turned into quilts. That being said, we still have time to turn those tops into finished quilts so they can help local kids. There's a big basket full of tops at the Quilt Barn. Most have backing and binding fabric to go with them. We have a huge roll of batting. They only thing they need to become finished quilts is a little bit of time. You can pick one up anytime from the Quilt Barn.

5. Our next swap will also be at the October meeting. Make a zippered or buttoned pouch or bag if you would like to participate. Here are some tutorials to get your creative juices flowing-

Easy Peasy Zippered Pouch

Emergency Zippered Pouch

Little Button Pouch Tutorial

Button Pouch With Inside Pocket

Just search and you will find more free tutorials than you could ever make.

6. Because of our summer scheduling problems, we're going to try something a little different for August sewing night. Sewing night will be Thursday, August 16th from 7 to 10. Bring your machine, your current projects and some snacks to share. It's my faborite night of the month and I'm hoping to see a lot of you there!

7. KZ officially passed her powers and binder on to me. So, I am the new quild president. I could always use help, though. Anyone want to volunteer for vice-president? Or any other job, really? Diane's going to remain Birthday Chair. I've declared Tara Quilt Barn Scheduling Liason. We could always use a Charity Project Chair or Official Swap Organizer. Basically, let me know what you would be interested in doing. Otherwise, this might become a dictatorship. Don't let the power go to my head! Email me at to volunteer, with any questions about anything or just to say hi.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

August Meeting Reminder

Our next meeting is this Thursday, August 9, 2012. 7 pm at the Quilt Barn. Bring yourself, bring your friends, bring projects to show off, bring snacks to share. It should be a our normal fantastic fun time. Here's a little inspiration via Pinterest just to get you in the quilty frame of mind...........

Source: via Trina on Pinterest