Monday, October 6, 2014

October Meeting

Alright,'s almost time for our next meeting! It will be this Saturday, October 11th at Hancock Fabrics in Twin Falls. This promises to be a busy, fun meeting so try and plan to be there. There are a few things I need to tell you about it.

First of all, this is it- the absolute end of the Scrap Jar Star Blocks exchange. Bring your finished blocks to the meeting (or drop them off at my house beforehand if you can't be there). We are going to swap these blocks come heck or high water!

Next up, we're going to do a little scrap swap, sew along at the meeting. The tutorial we've chosen is Maureen Cracknell's Herringbone Quilt. If you'd like to participate here's what you need to do. First of all, go familiarize yourself with the tutorial. Second of all, prepare some scraps to swap. You'll need at least a gallon size Ziploc bag full of 2.5" by 14.5" strips. Third, prepare your batting. You'll need at least one strip of batting measuring 8" by 64" to get started. The batting needs to be a natural fiber and low loft. If you'd like to make a different sized quilt- it's up to you to figure out the math and what size batting strip you'll need. I'm sticking with the measurements from the tutorial just for easiness sake. Fourth, show up at the meeting (either at 4 or at 6) with your machine, your bag of scraps and your batting. We'll dump all the scraps in a pile and start sewing our own herringbone quilts.

Last of all, we'll be drawing names for our Christmas gift swap at this meeting. Think long and hard about whether you'd like to participate. It's not a huge commitment- just ten dollars worth of supplies, fabric or a finished project. But, it's no fun when the person who drew your name doesn't show up. If you'd like to participate, but won't be at the meeting on Saturday, just let me know so I can put your name in.

I think that's it. Email me ( if you have any questions. See you Saturday!