Wednesday, April 23, 2014

April Meeting Recap

There's not much to say about the April meeting, except it was AWESOME! We didn't have a lot of business to discuss or a demonstration. What we did have a lot of was fun.

We did a quick show and tell of which I managed one picture.

Hi there, Jentry and your fantastic pinwheel quilt.

Then we had a little bridal shower for Tara.

We gave her the heart quilt top that we all made blocks for.

Go see the picture Tara posted of it. It's much better. My photography skills seem to be rather hit and miss when it comes to the guild. Tara's planning on adding to the quilt- her initials and wedding date at least. I can not wait to see the finished quilt!

We did discuss the Scrap Jar Stars Block Exchange. Anyone got a snappier name for it? We decided the finished blocks will be due at the September meeting. A few more people signed up so you need to make 14 blocks total- one each for the 13 people participating and 1 for you to keep. That's it- we're not adding any more people. The tutorial is here. Those who have started making their blocks reported that they're having a real hard time getting their finished blocks to measure 12.5", no matter how scant their seams. That's ok. Just make sure your finished blocks measure at least 12.25". If you've forgotten what color you signed up for, just email me (trinasdoingsATgmailDOTcom). I've got the list. Remember we're all using the same white fabric- available at the Quilt Barn. They'll let you know how much you need for all 14 blocks. Make sure your other fabrics are good, quality quilt shop cotton, as well.

We spent the rest of the evening eating, chatting, sewing up bunting for wedding decorations, eating some more and working on our own projects. It was a fantastic evening all around. Thank you all!

Our next meeting has been moved due to Tara's wedding. Rather than May 10th, we will be meeting at 6 pm on May 3rd at the Quilt Barn. And we have got a lot to discuss. Heather announced yesterday in an email that The Quilt Barn will be closing it's physical doors in about six weeks and opening much bigger cyber doors. They'll be carrying a lot more modern (yummy) fabric. Exciting news, especially since locals can order online and then pick up their order- so no shipping charges. But, online sales and new location means no classroom for us to meet in. Don't freak out. This is not the death of the Magic Valley Modern Quilt Guild! We have lots of options. We will be spending the meeting discussing what they are. Just a few I've come up with- 1. Find a new meeting place. Preferably somewhere free so we don't have to raise dues. There's got to be a meeting room, church, classroom somewhere where we can meet. Think of all the ones you know of- bring a list to the meeting. 2. Become more of a sewing circle- stop advertising for new members and meet at a different member's house each month. 3. Switch to a weeknight when it's likely not to be booked and meet in the Hen House. That's got some issues like we'd have to leave it pristine when we're done, what if it is booked and work the next day puts a bit of a damper on late night sewing.

So, that's what I've come up with so far. Everyone please come to the meeting with some ideas and potential meeting places. See you all on May 3rd!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Meeting This Saturday!

Hooray for Spring and Hooray for Tara! Come celebrate both with us this Saturday, April 12th. We'll meet in the classroom at the Quilt Barn in Kimberly at 3pm. We'll start off by discussing some business (if I come up with some before then). I don't have a demo planned. Let me know if there is something you would really love to see or to present. We'll talk a little bit about our quilt block exchange. We'll do a show and tell- so be sure to bring your projects to show off. Then we'll help Tara sew bunting for her wedding as well as work on our own projects late into the night. About 6 pm, we'll take a break and have a potluck dinner. Heather is bringing a meat. The guild will provide paper products. Bring whatever sounds yummy to you to share with everyone. See you then!