Friday, April 9, 2010

String Quilt Tutorial

Thanks to everyone for a great meeting last night. I think we had a pretty good turnout and got lots of ideas for future meetings.
I demonstrated a string quilt and took pictures as I was making the blocks. If you have any questions email me. I'd love to hear from you.
I got this idea from the wonderful blog, Film in the Fridge. She has lots of great ideas and tutorials. Check her out.

The great part of this quilt is you can pull from your scraps and stash. You dont have to buy a thing. Although, buying fabric is pretty fun.
I cut all my strings 2" but you can use any size, even mixing the sizes up in each block.

I used phone book pages to paper piece. You can use any paper but would suggest a smaller stitch length so the paper tears easier.
You can use spray baste or a glue stick to lightly stick the center string to the middle of the paper on the diagonal.
Lay your first string right sides together over the middle string. Sew through the fabric and paper.

Iron the second string open. The edges will hang over the edges of the paper.

Continue by sewing strings, right sides together on the previous strings. Iron open.

Here is what the block will look like when the paper is covered.

Flip the block over and cut the extra fabric off using the paper square as a guide.

I saved the extra bits that were cut off for the other blocks. They come in handy for the corners.

I like to chain stitch the blocks so I dont have to keep getting up to the ironing board. I got 10 blocks ready with the center block sprayed on.

Sew the first string on each block and iron open. And so on.

Now the fun part. Tear the paper off. Join the squares.
You can use any size paper. I made a 5.5" block but only because that is the size phone book I had.
I ended up with lots of strings and extra corner bits so I challenged myself to use up all the pieces. I made 2 different tops using the scraps of the scraps. I will post these when they are finished.
Modern Quilters, this is your blog so send me any ideas, questions, pictures...what ever you got.
And leave a comment to I knew you were here.