Thursday, May 8, 2014

May Meeting Notes

We were small in number this month but big in enthusiasm and determination! We had seven members present for some big decision making.

1. I should have member directories ready for everyone at the next meeting. I would have had them this meeting but I didn't realize the copy shop closes at 3 on Saturday! It's a good thing, since I've found a couple of typos and one omission since then.

2. We discussed all our options since the Quilt Barn is moving and will no longer have a classroom for us to meet in. Our next meeting- June 14th will still be at the Quilt Barn at 6pm. After that, we decided that the classroom at Hancock Fabric in Twin Falls is probably our best option. We'll start meeting there in July. It should still be the second Saturday of each month. We are considering moving the meeting to earlier since we will only be able to stay until the store closes at 9 pm. We'll discuss that and decide for sure at the June meeting. We're going to try and meet in the Hen House at least twice a year- for our Christmas party, for example. Because it really is a fantastic place to sew.

3. I decided we should have a really good giveaway since we discussing such serious and somber stuff. Congratulations to Emilee for winning our giveaway- a $20 Quilt Barn gift certificate!

4. I demonstrated some methods for quicker, easier hand sewn bindings. Here's an online tutorial that's closest to how I sew bindings. Would any machine binding expert like to volunteer to demo that for us next month?

5. Just a couple of things from show and tell-

My finally finished English Paper Pieced, hand-quilted Stars quilt.

Emilee's adorable Easter dress and tie she made for her kids.

6. Alright, I think that's all I've got for now. See you all at 6 pm on June 14th at The Quilt Barn!

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