Monday, August 19, 2013

August Meeting Report

August 10, 2013
Members in Attendance: 10 amazing ladies

1. We rescheduled our Summer Picnic. It will be Saturday, September 7th at 6 pm. We'll meet at Thomsen Park in Twin Falls. The Guild will be providing paper products and a main course. Please bring a side dish, dessert, or drinks. And your family! I'll send out a reminder email a few days before.

2. Our next meeting is Saturday, September 14th. 6 pm at the Quilt Barn. Following the meeting will be our usual Late Night Sew.

3. I'm trying to figure out a Guild Pinterest Board. Right now I think I've got my account and it a little crossed. I'll work on fixing that. I'm also trying to figure out how multiple people can post to a board. That way we can all share the account. I'm planning a Stuff Our Members Have Made board and an Awesome Quilt Inspiration board. Is there anything else you'd like to see? I'll get it all worked out and let you know when it's ready.

4.The Boise Basin Quilters Quilt Show is September 28th and 29th. If you're going and are willing to take along other Guild members, let us know.

5.It's not too late to enter something in the Twin Falls County Fair! Visit for information.

6. Demonstration- I demonstrated about 4 different ways to make Flying Geese. I'll have a blog post up with links to tutorials and blocks and inspiration soon. If you'd like to swap, bring six completed blocks which somehow include Flying Geese next meeting. They can be any size or shape, wonky or precise. Whatever you come up with.

7. Show and Tell-


Candy and Jolene with their amazing Super Totes (pattern available at the Quilt Barn).


Tara's amazing Briar Rose tumbler quilt.

I also showed off my Alabama Chanin inspired Zinnia Shirt and Rose Shirt. No pictures because I have yet to master the art of photographing my own chest.

8. And now, what I actually forgot to talk to about at the meeting. The only swaps we've done this year have been blocks for the Kitchen Sink quilts. Boring if you've decided not to make one. So, it's high time we did a swap! I'm thinking October. I have no ideas as to what to swap, though. None, at all. Not a single one. So, it's up to you guys. What should we swap? So we want to do a specific item- like tote bags or pincushions. Or a theme- like Halloween or Your Favorite Thing? So, comment, comment, comment or email me your ideas at

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