Monday, February 14, 2011

Mystery Quilt Block 1

As announced at our last Guild meeting the first block for our 2011 mystery quilt is a house.
Here is a link to a simple house block. You can embellish it as you like. Go for it.

Freda's Hive Cottage Block Tutorial

You can make the final size of your block as you wish. It would be helpful if all the coming blocks are the same size. 8.5 or 12.5 are a good size. Most people at the meeting said they are making an 8.5 block.
You can use the cottage house block as a starting point or you can use your own house block. A treehouse, salt box house, barn, chapel...its up to you. The overall theme of the other blocks is Nature, if that helps.
Need some inspiration? Go to Flickr and type in house quilt block, or whatever else you are looking for.
Dont forget to bring your blcok to the next meeting to show everyone.

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